Tuesday, December 9, 2008


In case you're new and wondering what GPT sites are - GPT means "Get-Paid-to". They are free sites that pay you to complete offers, fill out surveys, sign up to free services, try products and much more. These GPT sites also pay you to bring your friends to the site and make money doing the same thing you are doing. Minimum age requirements to join the sites is normally only 13 years old. The sites are always free to join. If you would like to read more then I suggest you to read the FAQs page for more frequently asked questions about these sites or you can just contact me for any help you need.

The term GPT includes the PTR and the PTC websites but mostly it is used to describe websites that pay you to sign up to free and/or paid websites, to try free products and/or buy products. At the members area of the GPT websites you will find lists of stuff you can Get Paid to do.

Paid to Read and Paid to Click

After you sign up for an account in a PTR or PTC website, they will send you e-mailed ads or/and you will be able to click on ads at their website. Either way you must click on links, in order to get paid. Usually those links lead you to pages that have timers of 10-30 seconds. Your account is credited once the timer expires.

note: the more sites you sign up to and use, the more money you make
Example: If you sign up to 8 sites and make $100 on each site, that's $800 you've earned

InetGiant - Free Classifieds Advertising


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