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Getting paid to refer is the coolest and the easiest thing ever to do.Once you register with any GPT site you ll have a unique referral id.You copy paste it and promote it wherever possible.Here are a few tips

discussion forums - strat a new topic and explain about the site .You can also post your link as an addition in any forum.

comments - if some one has posted a discussion in some forum or blog ,you can add this to your comment section.It may look like this.

"Hi frds , i found this site to be very useful and they pay its members...should surely try..
YOUR referral link"

blogs -start a new blog or a site with all your referral links and promorte the blog.

signature - add your referral id or your blog adddress to your mail Id sign.Its one of the smart way to promote

Social community sites -
This is the best thing you can do.Join the groups in any site like orkut,hi5,face book.In all these you have your status message or you can publish a note about this.

These are basics.Many advanced techniques ll be mailed to those who contact me.

Get paid To Promote at any Location

InetGiant - Free Classifieds Advertising


How You Make Money : For every referral you get on your own, you'll receive $1.00 every month down to five levels deep. So if you recruit 6 persons, that's $6.00 for you in payments every month. And if each of these 6 persons recruit 6 persons, that's a total of $42.00 waiting for you every single month. And that's only 2 levels deep. Down five levels, be prepared for earnings of $9,330.00 coming to you every single month. Shouldn't you take the time NOW to grow such residual income online for your retirement and financial freedom?

For every member that signs up under you in the portfolio of free traffic programs at Free Traffic Team, you'll get free residual traffic from their daily surfing. Channel the residual traffic credits to get more traffic downlines and you'll get more free traffic credits than you can have surfing alone. With more traffic credits, you can now use your imagination to promote whatever money-making site you have in mind to earn even more cash online.


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  3. tq:)..basically sites which promise to pay $125 for signup..are scams for sure..they don t really pay..

  4. Good work.keep it up.But i want you to remove AWsurvey from your site because it is 100% scam site.It doesnt pay anyone.Please includ only the secure and certified site in your site.thanks

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